Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2 faves

I kinda outgrew my lands end canvas obsession over the past 6-9 months. I don't know...maybe it was the inconsistency in the quality, or the quality of the inconsistency. And I kinda felt like maybe, even with all of its expanded offerings this season, there would still be nuttin there to make me hit the order button.

And then, then, they drop the rust colored waxed canvas field jacket. You know the one.

Well, to be short and sweet, its the best piece they did all year. It's a damn nice treat, especially now at the ridiculous price its at. If I had to give up all of my LEC gear for this one piece, I'd make that trade in an instant.

Now if I had only gotten Nir Patel's ear at the Pop Up flea and told him they gotta do something about their denim...

As for Frank M. and the J. Crew posse, another fine fall me thinks. The introduction of Wallace and Barnes was a nice touch. A needed step forward. Some of the stuff is a bit steep with that Made in China tag, but there were some stand-out pieces.

My best $ spent: W&B Sinclair sweatshirt. This baby is THICK and warm and fits slim without crushing my six-pack abs. I don't have six-pack abs, but you get the picture.
The flannels were tight, but this Sinclair takes the cake.

I have gone a bit nuts with the purchases from J Crew this fall: Chippewa boots, Alden boots, wool CPO jacket, wool trousers, etc. I always do the most damage in Fall. Thanks Frank. Give my regards to Wallace & Barnes.


Anonymous said...

Hey JB, nice to have you back! That sweatshirt looks nice, but I haven't really been blown away by the other W&B stuff I've seen in person.

How are the Chippewa boots? Do they have a padded insole? Are they easier to break in than Red Wings, which look painful?

Nice pics on the 505s in the previous post. If you ever get tired of them, send 'em my way-we're the same size.


JB said...

Hi David - I haven't worn the Chippewa boots yet so I really can't comment on the break-in or padding. They seemed to have a bit padding from my remembrance of try-on.

Ahhh, the early gift from Santa!

be well - JB